Welcome to Holistic Approach Piano Studio, LLC!  
     **UPDATE:**  Holistic Approach Piano is going through a time of transition! We have moved from Metro Detroit to Ionia, MI. It will be a huge adjustment moving to a smaller town and I am so sad to leave my students. But I am looking forward to a fresh start with a new studio structure and perhaps more time spent in recording. Here’s to a new beginning!  -Jessica

Holistic Approach Piano
A holistic and relevant approach to learning musical skills!
     I enthusiastically welcome students of all ages and abilities. Feel free to browse my site and read my studio policy. I teach a wide range of skills from numerous angles to fit any learning style. If you or your kids have been interested in music and have been procrastinating about checking out studios, give me a call! I am very informal and flexible, giving one on one attention without intimidation.
   Piano provides more than a free time hobby, it gives a creative outlet, develops coordination and fine motor skills, teaches discipline and attention span, and provides a fulfilling challenge to children and adults alike. Give me a call or register on my site to contact me by email. -Jessica

Let me introduce myself:  https://youtu.be/iDqjddPpssc